At The Window Centre, we are fortunate to have a team that is not only skilled, but also dedicated and passionate about their work. We’re pleased to celebrate one of our longest-serving employees, Dean Fletcher, whose journey with us began over two decades ago.

A Career Journey to be Proud of

Dean’s journey with The Window Centre began in 1998, when he started as a factory order processor. His dedication quickly shone through, and he was promoted to Office Manager, where he spent significant time designing and drawing up conservatories. This was just the beginning of his career as part of our family-run business.

Digital Business Improvements

Between 2008 and 2010, Dean embarked on an important journey that would transform our business operations helping us to computerise and ensure we became digital-first. He played a key role in developing our admin base and window design software, customising it to meet our specific needs and improve workflow. His approach laid the foundation for many of the efficient processes we rely on today.

A New Role at the Showroom

In 2011, Dean moved to the Shirley Showroom, taking on additional responsibilities in sales support and administration while continuing his work in software development. As the company expanded, so did Dean’s role. He was instrumental in growing our software infrastructure and providing ongoing training, ensuring that our team was always up to date with the latest technologies and processes.

A Mentor to Colleagues

By 2022, Dean continued to excel providing IT support, training for the internal sales support manager, and increased estimating and technical support. Now managing a team of two, Dean continues to train and mentor staff, growing the next generation of talent at The Window Centre.

Managing Director, Mike Adderley said: “Dean has been with the company for 26 years carrying out various roles and becoming a key member of our team. We’ve been in business since 1983 (41 years) and it’s hard to remember a time when Dean wasn’t here! Wearing many hats, his empathetic nature and willingness to help develop others have made him an asset to the team. I am extremely grateful for his hard work and dedication to the business.”

Sales Director, Giles Clements added: “I have had the pleasure of working with Dean for a number of years and during our time together his experience and knowledge from his time in the industry has proven invaluable. His kind, helpful but considerate nature along with the way he thinks things through makes him an integral and valuable part of the Window Centre team.”

Sales Administrator, Hannah Gaffney said: “Having come into the company with very little knowledge about this industry, Dean has been the person to help build up my understanding and support me to develop my skills and understanding of the business and the wider industry. He is patient and sympathetic, knowing that moving into a new area of employment can be daunting, and has worked hard to support me to grow into the Sales Administrator that I am today.”

Reflecting on his time with us, Dean shared: “The best part of working for The Window Centre is the people. We have a great team that come together every day. I also enjoy the ever-changing nature of the work. Understanding the business and adapting to its changes, while using my skills to help others, has been incredibly rewarding.”

Thank you, Dean!

Dean’s story is one of dedication and growth. His contributions have been pivotal in shaping The Window Centre into the successful business it is today. We are incredibly proud to celebrate his 26 years of service and look forward to many more years of his invaluable contributions. Thank you, Dean, for your unwavering commitment.