Here at the Window Centre we regularly work with Origin Architectural our suppliers of Juliet Balconies and glass balustrades.

A frameless Juliet Balcony is a safe and secure glass barrier. It allows you to enjoy uninterrupted views from your window or door opening. Here at the Window Centre, we offer a number of different systems. Choosing the right system for you depends on the look that you want to achieve and where you can get a safe and secure fixing.

We offer a wide range of Juliet Balconies. These include both frameless and framed systems. Our frameless systems can be fitted directly to the frame of the door or window itself.

All of our frameless systems are fully tested to the required line load test for a domestic balcony at height. We can provide you with a test certificate to share with your Building Inspector once the installation is complete.

Our framed systems, tend to be slightly cheaper as they use thinner glass. They fix in each corner of the panel of glass. Many of our customers are keen to have a handrail at the top of the glass in which case a framed system is the perfect solution.

It is important to ensure you are able to get a fixing either side of your opening. The best fixing is either to steel or concrete. As with our frameless systems, we can provide you with a test certificate to show to your Building Inspector.

Whatever your requirements, we at the Window Centre have the solution for you!